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Park, Laurence, Bootstrap confidence intervals for Mean Average Precision, Proceedings of the Fourth Annual ASEARC Conference, 17-18 February 2011, University of Western Sydney, Paramatta, Australia.


Due to the unconstrained nature of language, search engines (such as the Google search engine) are developed and compared by obtaining a document set, a sample set of queries and the associated relevance judgments for the queries on the document set. The de facto standard function used to measure the accuracy of each search engine on the test data is called mean Average Precision (AP). It is common practice to report mean AP scores and the results of paired significance tests against baseline search engines, but the confidence in the mean AP score is never reported. In this article, we investigate the utility of bootstrap confidence intervals for mean AP. We find that our Standardised logit bootstrap confidence intervals are very accurate for all levels of confidence examined and sample sizes.