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Marcus O’Donnell, Margaret Wallace, Anne Melano, Romy Lawson, Eeva Leinonen and Kath McCollim, UOW Curriculum Model: Curriculum Transformation - Student success at the heart of our Curriculum [Report], University of Wollongong, September 2014, 11p.


The Curriculum Transformation Project (CTP) is an ambitious four-year plan to build on and enhance UOW’s national and international reputation for top quality teaching and learning that maximises student success. It builds on the outstanding work done by UOW academics over many years and seeks to enhance our reputation for innovative teaching and learning practices. Each faculty has a strong tradition of good practice unique to the demands of their discipline which will be highlighted as we develop and share resources for implementation of the project. The CTP will also build on previous university-wide initiatives such as the development and embedding of graduate qualities and the many successful ESDF and OLT/ALTC projects led by UOW academics. The CTP team will work with the newly established Wollongong Academy of Tertiary Teaching and Learning Excellence (WATTLE) to celebrate and build on this tradition.