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Sie, R. L.L., Delahunty, J., Bell, K., Percy, A., Rienties, B., Cao, T. & de Laat, M. (2019). Artificial Intelligence to Enhance Learning Design in UOW Online, a Unified Approach to Fully Online Learning. Proceedings of 2018 IEEE International Conference on Teaching, Assessment, and Learning for Engineering, TALE 2018 (pp. 761-767). United States: IEEE.


The current article presents a framework for the design and support of UOW Online, an entirely new unified university strategy for fully online learning. To aid teachers in the learning design process, we aim to create more awareness for teachers by determining the underlying learning design of their subject. To ensure the approach can be scaled up to cater for potentially hundreds of subjects, the manual labeling serves as input for an Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm that will train a model to label intended learning activities automatically. In addition to student demographics and behavior, the learning design and subject content will be used to augment an AI model that predicts future student outcomes. Future work focuses on the collection of necessary learning activities and manual encoding of these learning activities.



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