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Laura Lidden and Nick Zografos, What have we GotS here? New ways for delivering Information Literacy at the University of Wollongong Library, EdTechPosium, Canberra, 20-31 October 2017.


Responding to student feedback on difficulties with navigating the website and discovery layer, the Library initiated a priority project for Content Strategy and a review of discovery layer functionality. As part of this, we wanted to help students improve their navigation of the online environment at point of need. A cross-functional production team was formed to:

  • Target student ‘struggle spots’
  • Match the need with a suitable technology
  • Deliver a timely and sustainable solution through tailored, engaging, accessible Digital Learning Objects (DLOs).

In higher education, libraries have typically relied on passive learning techniques such as video instruction. In a search for alternatives, the team discovered Guide on the Side (GotS) software, which is used to create instructional DLO’s. It incorporates authentic and active learning principles by providing an instructional window that docks to the side of the webpage, allowing students to interact with the resource at point of need. This project demonstrates how the creation of DLO’s aligns with the Content Strategy and the principles of Design Thinking. Cross-team collaboration has been critical in developing sustainable, easy to manage, and adaptable learning objects. We encourage others to embrace similar innovation in Learning and Teaching to keep pace in this dynamic environment.