Getting 'big' with library data



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Jantti, M. 2016, 'Getting 'big' with library data', OCLC Asia Pacific Regional Council Meeting: APRC 2016: Libraries at the Crossroads: Tracking Digital Footprints,


The increasing sophistication of data capture and warehousing capability within contemporary tertiary education institutions has offered new approaches for the examination of data generated from library management systems and other data sources to assess the impact of both print and electronic resources. This study firstly describes how the University of Wollongong Library (UWL) in partnership with the University's Performance Indicator Unit partnered to build new data and reporting models to join library usage data with students' demographic and academic performance data to test correlations and to ultimately create a new narrative; a discourse on the contribution of the library to the student experience and their academic success. The establishment of learning analytics at the University of Wollongong has extended the utility and significance of the cube; enabling the inclusion of library data to create a multi-faceted view of student engagement with critical learning resources and services.

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