Supporting co-creation with software, the idSpace platform



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Van Rosmalen, P., Boon, J., Bitter-Rijpkema, M., Sie, R. & Sloep, P. (2014). Supporting co-creation with software, the idSpace platform. Computers in Human Behavior, 37 413-422.


Innovation, in general, requires teamwork among specialist of different disciplines. The idSpace project developed ideas on how teams of collaborating innovators could best be supported. These ideas were embodied in a platform that the project developed. This idSpace platform allows its users to choose between various creativity techniques, pedagogical approaches and context-aware uses of stored information on projects, people and techniques. The platform follows a general process metaphor with specialised modules for specific parts, i.e. it starts with defining the problem to be addressed and through a sequence of steps concludes with a proposed solution. The platform was designed and developed by a multi-disciplinary team. It was evaluated through a realistic usage scenario which focused on the integral platform, from both an end-user and expert user perspective embodying a combination of qualitative and quantitative measurements on usability, general functionality and creativity aspects. This combination, as will be explained, proved to be a powerful way to prioritise and steer the further development of the platform.

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