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This article was originally published as Organ, M and Mandl, H, Outsourcing open access: Digital Commons at the University of Wollongong, Australia, OCLC Systems & Services - International Digital Library Perspectives, 23(4), 2007, 353-362. Original article available here.


In October 2005 the University of Wollongong gave approval for the implementation of an institutional repository utilising Proquest’s Digital Commons software, the first such instance in Australia. The project sought, over a 2 year period, to make available online a significant portion of the university’s research output for the years 2000-5. It was envisaged that improved accessibility to journal articles and conference papers would assist in enhancing the research reputation of the university. This paper outlines why Digital Commons, re-branded as Research Online (ro.uow.edu.au), was chosen rather than an open source software solution. Issues arising from the utilisation of an outsourced, off-campus institutional repository system are discussed. This case study focuses on the University of Wollongong’s experience in regards to planning and implementation. It also addresses areas of collaboration, both external (nationally and internationally) and internal, and provides cogent examples of ongoing issues, lessons learnt and mistakes to avoid.



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