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This conference paper was originally published as Corderoy, RM, Stace, R and Ip, A, in Cumming, G (ed), Proceedings of the 7th ICCE Conference: Advanced Research in Computers and Communications in Education - New Human Abilities for the Networked Society Chiba, Japan, ICCE, 1999.


One of the difficulties faced by many academics in their teaching is the evaluation of the teaching and learning process. The growing importance of this aspect of tertiary education has been picked up in recent years by Government in its push for quality assurance in the sector. If quality is most effectively ensured by those directly involved in the provision of a service, then tools, mechanisms and processes need to be provided so that this involvement can be facilitated. The need for evaluation of the success of teaching and learning has become even more critical as more and more in the tertiary education sector move towards the adoption of flexible approaches to teaching.