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Bursill, L., Donaldson, M. & Jacobs, M. (2015). A history of Aboriginal Illawarra Volume 1: Before colonisation. Yowie Bay, Australia: Dharawal Publications.

Volume 2 is HERE.


Twenty thousand years ago when the planet was starting to emerge from its most recent ice age and volcanoes were active in Victoria, the Australian continent’s giant animals were disappearing. They included a wombat (Diprotodon) seen on the right, the size of a small car and weighing up to almost three tons, which was preyed upon by a marsupial lion (Thylacoleo carnifex) on following page. This treedweller averaging 100 kilograms, was slim compared to the venomous goanna (Megalania) which at 300 kilograms, and 4.5 metres long, was the largest terrestrial lizard known, terrifying but dwarfed by a carnivorous kangaroo (Propleopus oscillans) which could grow three metres high.