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Working with the Research Services Office, CAUL (Council of Australian University Librarians) Research Repositories Community Days, University of Melbourne, 12-13 November 2015.


The Australian and New Zealand university sector presents numerous permutations in regards to how institutional repository (IR) managers work with their local research office. The repository may be managed by the research office, the library (common), the information technology (IT) section, central administration (rare) and either singly or in a mixture of the above. At the University of Wollongong (UOW), for example, the open access institutional repository was set up in 2005 with the assistance of funding from the Research Services Office (RSO). The UOW Library has, since 2006, managed the repository – branded Research Online (RO) - and the RSO has, in turn, managed the research management system (RIS). This process has worked relatively smoothly, though it is a complicated one which gives rises to questions such as: • How best does the library, with responsibility for the IR, work with the research office? • Why is collaboration between these units so important? • What can be done to ensure appropriate lines of communication are maintained between the library and research office?