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McKenzie, C. 2011, 'DIY websites for newbies', Incite, vol. 32, no. 2, pp. 18-18.


I arrived at my current place of work in February 2010, a new graduate grateful for my first job in the profession, nervous about working full time after many years of part time work and with the brief of "get more students into the library" to guide me. And there was only me, this is a one person library. Defining 'library' to mean much more than just get the students in the door of the physical library, the first thing I decided to do was create a library website. This would enable me to connect with both students and our (largely sessional) teaching staff. Let me be up front here, I have no formal training or qualifications in IT, but armed with a keen personal interest, a reasonably tech-savvy background and a very limited budget that had to be kept solely for acquisitions. I was soon searching for inexpensive (read free) options.