Gamification and mobile teaching and learning



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Brophy, K. P. (2015). Gamification and mobile teaching and learning. In Y. Zhang (Eds.), Handbook of Mobile Teaching and Learning (pp. 91-105). Heidelberg, Germany: Springer.

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ISBN: 9783642541452


In conjunction with rapid technological advances in mobile web-enabled devices, the concept of applying gamified strategies and mechanisms to online learning contexts is gaining widespread interest and adoption. Aspects of gamification are now applied across many areas of life - business, health, politics, and community. The gamification of the consumer and social web already provides many examples where game concepts have been integrated in nongame contexts in order to engage and motivate users and enrich their online experiences. A well-designed gamification strategy within online education seeks to translate these positive experiences to further encourage and enhance the student learning experience. The core elements of games (rules, feedback systems, and voluntary participation) are integrated into the learning activities. As technology enhanced learning becomes a pivotal component of educational practice, learning experiences are increasingly designed to include online and digital elements. Mobile web-enabled devices are a natural complement to this transition, enabling new ways for students to interact with subject material. The nature and capabilities of these devices further enables the possibilities of gamifying learning activities by unobtrusively encouraging and motivating the student in a familiar context. The successful integration of a gamified learning experience requires it to be part of a well-defined plan that promotes collaboration, research, systems-thinking, and problem-solving skills. Overall, the gamification strategy must align with the desired learning outcomes and avoid detracting from the core learning activity. In the future, the proliferation of gamification will continue within education and beyond - with the potential to engage, motivate, and build new collaborative, cross-disciplinary communities.

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