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McGill, T., Koppi, T. & Armarego, J. (2014). ICT industry involvement with ICT education and research in universities: industry perceptions. Innovations in Teaching and Learning in Information and Computer Sciences, Online First 1-18.


Stronger linkages between the ICT industry and universities have been called for by both the ICT industry and by universities. The study described in this paper explores the ways in which the ICT industry believes it can and should contribute to ICT education and research in universities. The results confirm how important relationships with universities are seen to be and that industry would like to expand its level of involvement. Industry would like further involvement in curriculum design, both directly and through professional associations. The involvement sought is not just with respect to high-level themes, but many participants felt that they would like input into the content of individual subjects. In addition to providing teaching related input and support, many in industry would also like to benefit from the expertise in universities by attending university run short courses. The paper makes recommendations for how universities and industry can act to strengthen linkages.



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