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Jantti, M. & Cox, B. 2014, 'Unlocking the potential of library generated data to assess value, impact, and influence', Proceedings of the IATUL Conferences, Purdue University, United States, pp. 1-9.


The University of Wollongong Library (UWL) has initiated an innovative and collaborative research project to unambiguously demonstrate the value that can be provided by academic libraries. The project centres on the integration and interrogation of a series of discrete datasets, e.g. student performance, student attrition, student demographic data, and borrowing and electronic resources usage data. The project has enabled UWL to identify whether a correlation exists between usage of Library resources and academic performance (e.g. grades). Findings reveal a strong and sustained correlation; providing a new facet through which to view and understand the student academic experience.The project is different to other institutions' efforts to link usage to student outcomes, in that the Library Cube is not a one-off research project, but is now an ongoing part of UOW's systems and performance reporting. The most recent development centres on the Marketing Cube. This cube will demonstrate whether electronic resources are being used to their optimum. Updated weekly, it's now possible to assess the uptake of uptake of products (e.g. databases), how often they are being used and to test the impact of marketing and promotion initiatives as to whether user behaviour can be influenced through targeted marketing.