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This conference paper was orignally published as Doulai, P and Stace, R, Web-based Surveys and Assessment, in Corderoy, RM (ed), Proceedings of the 15th Annual Ascilite Conference: Flexibility - The next wave? University of Wollongong, Australia, 1998, 155-162.


This paper describes methods of on-line assessment and students’ survey, which utilize the Web interfaces and use them in conjunction with the Internet. To find the most appropriate alternative methods of students’ assessment and survey a variety of commercial and public domain tools was used to implement the following two basic tasks: 1. ‘Student Suggestion Box’ where students evaluate the subject and make comments and suggestions on the subject and its assessment; and 2. a partially AutoMark short assessment task, containing two paragraph questions and three multiple choice questions, that offers final marks to the instructor/students and provides prompt feedback for wrong or partially wrong answers to students. Two commercial packages, two major Web-based course-building environments, and a locally developed server and client side programs were used to implement the above mentioned pre-defined tasks. This paper shows sample results obtained from each, and illustrates the result of a comparison that was made in terms of the ease of setting up the assessment/survey task from the instructor point of view, the program installation and maintenance as well as its hardware/software requirements, and the type of learning environment that the program creates from students’ view points. New additions and future improvement to these implementations will de dealt with in some detail.