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This conference paper was originally published as Miller, R, Stace, R and Howell, G, A Developmental Approach to Teaching Internet Marketing, in Proceedings of the ANZMAC 2003 Conference Adelaide: Celebration of Ehrenberg and Bass: Marketing discoveries, knowledge and contribution, Adelaide, South Australia, 2003, 1716-1720.


Just as buying and selling over the Internet represents a new frontier for commerce, teaching students how to best use the Internet in marketing presents educators with new challenges and new opportunities. Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of Internet commerce that must be confronted by educators is the general absence of inter-personal communication in customer exchanges. As most Internet marketing takes place using a self-service technology (SST) that enables customers to consume products independent of direct service employee involvement (Meuter, Ostrom, Roundtree and Bitner 2000), it seems inappropriate to teach marketing in an Internet environment by relying on traditional lecture-tutorial methods, even with the augmentation of a supporting website that offers chat rooms, teaching materials and other resources offered by electronic learning systems such as WebCT and Blackboard. This paper describes the use of an online role-play designed to provide students with experiential learning by using Internet technologies. The findings of this study suggest that incorporating an online role-play component enables students to apply theoretical applications in ‘real world’ situations.