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Daly, R. & McIntosh, L. M. 2013, 'Heresy or innovation? Transforming culture and service for impact', THETA: The Higher Education Technology Agenda, University of Tasmania, Australia, pp. 1-12.


The ERA2010 exercise changed the landscape of research and publication management at the University of Wollongong (UOW), pushing the research agenda into the spotlight across the University. The Library, always alert to its value to the University, quickly understood that it could play an integral role in further supporting researchers through the development of its skill sets and services. The recognised need to rebalance its services to reflect the broad University goals, particularly the research agenda, resulted in the major review and realignment in 2011-2012 of the two large divisions in the UOW Library, Resources and Client Services. The delivery of an integrated research support and publication management services model at UOW Library is now becoming established after a period of restructure, process review and rationalisation, and staff re-skilling. Closer connectivity between the Resources and Client Services Divisions in delivering these services ensures that stratified elements of the large and complex process of supporting research and publications are captured and handled effectively. Restructuring the Client Services and Resources Divisions has enabled the Library to commit resources and build expertise in delivering specialised services to research staff, thus re-positioning the Library strategically in this space, and making it an essential piece in the complex research support puzzle.