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This paper was originally published as Pennell, R and Wills, S, Changing horses in mid-stream: a new LMS plus improved teaching, Proceedings of AusWeb 2006 Conference, Australis Noosa Lakes, 1-5 July 2006. Original conference proceedings available here.


The University of Wollongong's recent implementation of a new Learning Management System has been accompanied by a two year process of interviews and consultation with committees, deans, managers, academics, students and support staff. This has resulted in a Strategic Plan for eLearning & eTeaching and an eTeaching Business Plan. These plans for institutional change were based on earlier studies of IT introduction in Higher Education contexts. Project development was overseen by a widely-representative committee, with major effort given to training and support of academics and students. In 2004 over 800 subject websites were in use each year. The new software and dedicated hardware were installed in the second half of 2005 and systems and procedures tested in the Summer teaching session. The largely-successful pilot in December 2005 led to full implementation in February 2006.