New questions for research writing



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Lee, A., Aitchison, C., Knowles, S., Grant, B., James, B. A. & Kamler, B. (2006). New questions for research writing. In M. Kiley & G. Mullins (Eds.), Quality in Postgraduate Research: Knowledge Creation in Testing Times (pp. 223-226). Canberra: CEDAM, ANU.

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Quality in Postgraduate Research Conference


This symposium responds to current and emergent policy pressures in research education with a specific focus on their implications for writing. The ever-tighter folding in of research training into research assessment exercises, and consequent pressures to diversify funding sources for doctoral education programs, will inevitably intensify in the near future. The changing contexts for research education require new internal and external relationships and new kinds of products as outcomes of doctoral training.

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