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Leigh, E., Meyers, W. & Rosser, E. (2007). Learning design discussions: A conversation tool. ASCILITE 2007 (pp. 565-569). Singapore: Centre for Educational Development, Nanyang Technological University.

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We begin with the premise that integrating active learning strategies into previously static modes of presenting knowledge can be complex and difficult. To reduce the complexity of the task we introduce the Learning Design Discussion Model (LDDM) for use at the beginning of collaboration by Learning Designers and Educators considering Role-Based approaches in tertiary subjects. The model helps align the core elements of a) content knowledge, b) learning objectives and c) learning design from the beginning. The model has emerged from efforts to achieve mutual agreement on use of active learning processes to support knowledge acquisition. Early trials indicate the LDDM helps identify inhibiting concerns and encourages use of interactive learning with an end result of clarification of intent, reduced unease about implementation problems and enhanced mutual understanding.