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Bell, M. E. (2006). Internationalising the curriculum for students from Singapore: a field study in the Australian bush. In A. Bunker & I. Vardi (Eds.), 29th HERDSA Annual Conference (pp. 35-42). Sydney: Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia Inc.


This paper discusses a case study of a summer study abroad program for Singapore students at an Australian university. Issues raised by students and teaching staff are explored using a framework adapted from a Typology of Internationalised Curriculum (Bremer and Van Der Wende, 1995); Best Practice Guidelines for Internationalisation of the Curriculum (Whalley, 1997); and Strategies for Internationalisation (Leask, 2001). Some implications for the design and teaching of summer study abroad programs offered by Australian universities to offshore students are explored within a curriculum design framework. Significant issues include the selection of appropriate teaching staff, inclusion of host country students in group learning activities, and the need for orientation and bridging programs.