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Lambert, S. & Foley, M. (2003). Trialling collaborative tools and processes for teaching graphic design at the University of Wollongong. eLearning for the creative industries: Create.ed 2003 conference proceedings (pp. 23-32). Melbourne: Faculty of Art, Design and Communication, RMIT University.


This paper reports on the work of the authors in devloping online and face-to-face collaborative processes and tools for teaching graphic design and new media studensts. A modified teaching and learning model was trialed with approx 45 undergraduate students in the subject "DESN301 commercial practice" in session one of 2003. Significant components of the teaching and learning model trialed are: I . Revised assessment centred on teams of four collaborating to produce a client project 2. New resources to support individual learning 3. New resources and online tools to support collaborativelteam learning 4. Website as a doorway to tools and resources. We observed high levels of student engagement with the subject materials and the website right from the beginning of the session. Most of the students made regular onli ne discussion postings, and worked al the project steadily across the session rather than engaging in a last minute frenzy. The high standard of completed creative projects. coupled with content analysis of online discussion postings provide evidence of good creative process throughout. The results ofan online survey of the subject at end of session support our plans to extend the experience over two consecutive sessions. allowing for famil iarisation with tools and processes at 200 level before tackling commercial projects in this mode at 300 level. Due to the success of the trial we intend to continue our research, refine the model, develop more collaborative tools and roll out the program to other subjects. and other creative disciplines within the Faculty of Creative Arts. This work is pan of a 12 month project funded by the Educational Strategies Development Fund (ESDF) at the University of Wollongong.