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Austin, K. & Heath, J. (2010). Using DEMO to evaluate and enhance schools outreach programs: an example from the South Coast of New South Wales. 2nd Annual Student Equity in Higher Education National Conference (pp. 1-10). Australia: National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education.


The Design and Evaluation Matrix for Outreach (DEMO) was formulated from the research in the 'Interventions early in schools as a means to improve higher education outcomes for disadvantaged students', commissioned by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. DEMO is used to evaluate the University of Wollongong (UOW) and Department of Education and Training (DET) Year 10 Connect and Explore schools outreach program. The original version of this program was enhanced following frank evaluation by both partners - the University and liaisons from each of the secondary schools involved. The revised program combines aspects across four key strategies of assembling resources, engaging learners, working together and building confidence. Qualitative feedback from students and teachers indicate that the revised program is more effective in meeting aims and providing an effective aspiration building initiative for students. An action research methodology provided the framework for the iterative, reflective approach to deployment and enhancement of the Year 10 Connect and Explore outreach program.