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Dee, D., Messer, C. And Peisley, B. 2011, A new perspective on client service: From on-the-job to structured competency-based training. The University of Wollongong Library experience, a descriptive case study, Journal of Organisational Transformational and Social Change, 8(3), 281-296.


Skilled and knowledgeable staff equipped to respond to change is a key learning and growth goal of the University of Wollongong Library. But how do front line staff develop and maintain their client-centred service skills and behaviours? How do they manage the myriad of diverse needs and expectations from a constantly changing student population, within a volatile technological environment? By challenging established approaches to service delivery training, it was possible to demonstrate a need to be more adaptable and responsive. We recognized that earlier approaches such as on-the-job training were no longer adequate. In 2009 the University of Wollongong Library introduced competency-based training. This represented a new approach to staff training and an opportunity for renewal. Numerous factors contributed to this decision, with the overarching goal being to keep our staff on the cutting edge of service delivery. A systematic approach was used that involved researching competency-based training ideologies; identifying core client service skills, knowledge and behaviours; identifying learning outcomes; developing module content; identifying assessment criteria; and programme delivery.



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