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Michael Organ (editor), Reminiscences of Illawarra by Alexander Stewart, Illawarra Historical Publications, Woonona, 1987, 62p.


The following "Reminiscences of Illawarra" initially appeared in the Illawarra Mercury between 17 April and 18 August 1894 in 24 parts, each part usually dealing with a separate aspect of the very early history of Illawarra, and more specifically with the early development of the township of Wollongong.This book is one of a continuing series to be published as aids to the study of local history in Illawarra. Some thirty works are at present in preparation or in contemplation. The series' objective is to provide low-cost authentic source material for students as well as general readers. Some of the texts will be from unpublished manuscripts, others from already published books which however are expensive, rare, or not easily obtainable for reference. They may well vary in importance, although all will represent a point of view. Each will be set in context by an introduction, but will contain minimal textual editing directed only towards ensuring readability and maximum utility consistently with complete authenticity. Every book will be fully indexed and appropriately illustrated where possible, with maps and diagrams where needed.