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Percy, A., Merten, M., Skillen, J. & Trivett, N. (1999). How do we know if students learn online?: A case study of the deep integration of tertiary literacy and discipline-specific skills into a flexibly delivered first year subject. Cornerstones: Proceedings of the 1999 HERDSA Conference (pp. 1-14). Australia: HERDSA.


As universities globally move toward the flexible delivery of subjects and courses, the issue of how students learn from these modes is increasingly important for the design of these subjects. Using an action learning approach, this paper will show that this integration of learning skills into subject curriculum results in significant improvements in students’ skills levels. The main focus of the paper is to show that the conversion of subjects into flexible delivery allows a deeper level of integration of tertiary literacy instruction than is possible in campus based subjects. To explore this, the paper will present a case-study on the conversion of a core first year subject for the Bachelor of Commerce, MGMT110: Introduction to Management. This paper will outline the development and application of an online study guide that has been integrated into the flexibly delivered version of MGMT110, which includes the collaborative process between subject staff and Learning Development in the design of this subject for flexible delivery, discusses issues on the design and delivery of such integration, discusses evaluation techniques and results and poses further questions based on issues arising from the evaluation.


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