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Organ, MK and Hardy, R, Pioneers of the Illawarra - a history of the family of Elias Organ in Wollongong, 1839-1869, University of Wollongong Printery, 1984, 128p.


This history deals with the life and times of members of the Organ family who settled in the Illawarra region in 1839. The account is based on official government records and newspaper accounts. Unlike other such histories no core of personal memorabilia including letters, documents or artifacts survives, upon which a more personal account can be constructed. Some personal reminiscences dictated by members of the family in the 1920s and '30s have been used, however they are sketchy and were only used to indicate a line of research. This detailed study focuses on the circumstances of the Organ family during the period 1839-1869.