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This conference paper was published as Norris, A, Information-based websites: a usability assessment of a library website in Consalvo, M & O'Riordan, K (eds), Internet Research Annual: selected papers from the Association of Internet Researchers Conference 2004, 3, 2005, 59- 69.


Traditionally, libraries were the major information source for the public. However, as society's use of the Internet has increased, traditional information suppliers such as libraries have been forced to adapt their offerings to maintain their role as a major supplier of information. In 2002, 66% of Australians and 57% of the UK population had Internet access (CyberAtlas, 2003, p. 224). As these figures increase, researchers are more inclined to expect that information be both current and accessible from their desktop. The ease and speed of publication on the Internet makes this goal achievable.