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Donald, S. Hemelryk. & Mackie, V. C. 2009, 'Working in the Space Between', Portal Journal of Multidisciplinary International Studies, vol. 6, no. 1, pp. 1-14.


Questions arising from the negotiation of difference are increasingly relevant in all spheres of contemporary life.1 The processes of globalisation are implicated in the circulation of finance, capital, commodities, knowledge, information, and cultural representations, and there are complex circuits for the movement of people associated with these phenomena. As mobility increases, so encounters with differences of language, culture, deportment and habitus become more common (Mackie & Stevens, in press). There are various modes of mobility: permanent migration; temporary sojourns; tourism; documented and undocumented labour migration; marriage migration; asylum seeking; and overseas study. In Australia, issues of the negotiation of difference have often focused on relationships between the descendants of Anglophone settlers/invaders and newer immigrant communities, or on relationships with indigenous Australians. Less attention has been paid to the university as a prime site for the negotiation of difference.

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