Bank Credit and Development: A Study of Uttar Pradesh, India



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Arora, R. U. (2009). Bank Credit and Development: A Study of Uttar Pradesh, India. Saarbrucken, Germany: VDM Verlag Dr. Muller Aktiengesellschaft & Co, KG.


This book is an analysis of economic development of Uttar Pradesh (UP), the most populous state of India and perceives it to be a dynamic economy. It portrays the state more positively than has been done so far and presents a balanced approach to its development. The book also examines bank credit, its multi-dimensional role and its influence on the development of UP. To depict a comparative perspective, it examines credit to other states of India as well. The book, however, projects bank credit with a difference. It is contended that the development outcomes of credit are different for diverse groups of people, regions and population in rural and urban areas. The book introduces credit as a source of growth, globalisation, urbanisation, inequality, development and empowerment of women. The book should be especially useful to those interested in UP, development studies, development finance and those interested in economic development of India and its states.

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