Deconstructing hegemonic masculinity



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Howson, R. (2009). Deconstructing hegemonic masculinity. In J. Hearn (Eds.), GEXcel Work in Progress Report (pp. 137-147). Linkoping, Sweden: Linkoping University.


The GEXcel project was launched in May 2007 with a conference arranged in Linköping (cf. Volume 1 of this Work in Progress Report Series). According to the work plan included in the application to VR (The Swedish Research Council), the first half of the first year was intended for preparations and detail planning. Since early February 2007 the Örebro team worked to prepare for the first theme on Gender, Sexuality and Global Change as the focus during the academic year 2007-2008 (Volume 2, 3 and 4). Collaboration has developed between the research themes, for example, with Theme 1 and the Conference on ‘The War Question for Feminism’, held in Örebro in September 2008.

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