(A)cute confusion: the unpredictable journey of Japanese popular culture



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McLelland, M. J. (2009). (A)cute confusion: the unpredictable journey of Japanese popular culture. Intersections: gender, history and culture in the Asian context, (20), 1-9.


This special edition of Intersections dedicated to 'Japanese transnational fandoms' grew out of an encounter in the Hong Kong Mass Transit Rail Station on Valentine's Day in 2006 when I stumbled upon Hello Kitty's wedding. I was somewhat taken aback because I hadn't realised that Kitty had a boyfriend, let alone that she had been going steady, and surely wasn't old enough to make such a commitment. Kitty had always struck me as something of an air-head, the Paris Hilton of the manga world, and neither Kitty herself nor Daniel, her equally stuffed and vacant boyfriend, seemed likely symbols for a romantic interlude. For a start, neither of them have hands or mouths.

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