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McGloin, C. (2008). Recontextualising the award: developing a critical pedagogy in indigenous studies. International Journal of the Humanities, 6 (4), 81-88.


In this paper, I evaluate the politics of teaching awards, and recontextualise the receipt of this accolade from within the framework of a collaborative and collegial teaching and learning environment. My aim is reflect critically about the relations of power that endorse and confer teaching awards. I address this in the context of a developing pedagogy that depends upon collaboration, the sharing of Indigenous knowledge and worldviews, and mutual respect, for the effective delivery of courses in the discipline of Aboriginal Studies in Australia to a diverse student body. Drawing from work in the area of critical pedagogy, the paper outlines some of the practices and theoretical applications introduced by staff, with a view to foregrounding Indigenous history, knowledge, and culture, and inspiring students to think critically about the issues surrounding contemporary race relations in Australia.

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