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McCarthy, B. (2005). Removing e-Wrinkles: An extreme inter-facelift for an elderly HyperCard servant. CALL-EJ Online, 6 (2),


A project to develop a comprehensive set of modules (see Appendix 1) for basic French grammar review and maintenance, and for audio-supported notion-oriented learning activities was begun in 1991 and completed in 2000. The total process involved some 8,000 hours for design, preparation of linguistic data, programming, trialling, and integration into the curriculum. HyperCard was chosen as the platform for delivery because of its considerable flexibility, and because of the area of expertise of staff available for programming and design support at the time. The process was fruitful in terms of both software output, and teaching and learning enhancement. The conception, infancy, youth and maturity of the project were fertile ground for research in linguistics, pedagogy and software design.