Damien Cahill



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Cahill, D. (2005). Researching the Australian new right: a glimpse at the process of discovery. Rhizome, 1 (1), 113-123.


When asked to contribute an article to this inaugural edition of Rhizome I felt a certain hesitancy. What, I wondered, would be an appropriate offering to a postgraduate journal from someone who has already graduated? This led me to decide upon an approach which is unusual for a scholarly journal. What follows is an outline of the central findings of my recently completed PhD thesis. This is done by guiding the reader through the process of discovery I underwent during my candidature. My hope is that students and educators will recognise the messy, uneven and often unpredictable process of academic research, and also that the necessarily specialised and sometimes abstruse contributions of a PhD thesis can be communicated to a cross-disciplinary audience. Such an approach fits nicely with this edition's theme of 'emergence'. Not only does the following article discuss the emergence of my own research conclusions, but the subject matter is the emergence of a particular political movement in Australian society.