Exploring the implementation of strategies-based instruction in an Internet 'chat' class



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Saito, R. (2004). Exploring the implementation of strategies-based instruction in an Internet 'chat' class. In G. Wigglesworth (Eds.), Proceedings of a Conference Held in 2003 on Language Education in Australian and New Zealand Universities (pp. 182-193). Melbourne: University of Melbourne.


This paper reports an attempt to implement strategies-based instruction in an Internet chat class which is a part of a compulsory language subject for a Japanese major. The aim of the study was to raise the awareness of the students' own learning, develop language learning strategies and to promote self-dIrected learning as the course has lost face-to-face teaching hours, subjects and teaching staff over the last six vears. After each chat session in which the students communicated with a group of students in Doshisha University in Japan, they were required to evaluate their performance in a self-evaluation sheet in order to develop such strategIes.

A sample of two students' entries from their self-evaluation sheets over a few sessions demonstrates their awareness of their own learning and how they made conscious plans and efforts with respect to their learning. The intervention of the self-evaluation sheets, however, raises some questions in regards to the credlblilty of the content that the students reported, the retention of acquired strategies and its applicability to other areas. These are discussed in light of further possible studies. The study also hopes to contribute to further the understanding of Internet chat use in foreign language education.

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