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Barwell, G and Walker, R, 'Peer assessment of oral presentations using clickers: the student experience', in Wozniak, H & Bartoluzzi, S (eds), 32nd HERDSA Annual Conference: the student experience, Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia, Milperra, Australia, 2009, p 23-32.


This paper reports student reactions to the use of a personal response system (clickers) to provide peer assessment. Trials were conducted in three upper level seminar classes in two different subjects in an Arts Faculty, where students were required to give individual in-class presentations as part of their assessable work. Class members assessed the presenters using criteria based on those used by the tutor, but modified to make them appropriate for student use. At the end of the session some students in the trials discussed their experiences in focus groups. The comments of those focus group participants are analysed to reveal the key issues for the students. Their experience was generally positive, and the comments indicate that using clickers for the purpose of peer assessment can make a significant contribution to student engagement.