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Barwell, G, Berrie, P, Eggert, P & Tiffin, C, Authenticated electronic editions project: A progress report, Digital Resources for Research in the Humanities, 2001, University of Sydney. Original article can be found at: http://setis.library.usyd.edu.au/drrh2001/


In 1991 the Academy of the Humanities established a series, the Academy Editions of Australian Literature, consisting of critical editions in book form of some of the major contributions to Australian literary culture of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The works chosen for inclusion in the series do not currently exist in reliable editions, so the text of each work is freshly edited to be as accurate and reliable as possible. Each edition includes the editor’s introduction, and textual and explanatory notes, while some editions offer background essays by other scholars, maps, chronologies and similar aids for readers. The project is modelled on similar projects in the United States and Canada.