Cultural diversity and the media



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Dreher, T. 2010, 'Cultural diversity and the media', in S. Cunningham & G. Turner (eds), The Media & Communications in Australia, 3 edn, Allen & Unwin, Crows Nest, Australia. pp. 273


Given their central social, cultural and political role, it is no great suprise that criticisms are often directed at the media in public debates around cultural diversity and multiculturalism in Australia. A notable cause for concern in recent years has been the role of media in inflaming community tensions and contributing to racism in Australia. In the aftermath of the Cronulla riot in 2005, for example, many media commentators, community leaders and politicians argued that talkback radio in particular had whipped up anger against Lebanese and Muslim communities in southwestern Sydney and encouraged a nationalist fervour directed at 'claiming back the beach' for Anglo-Australians.

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