News media responsibilities in reporting on terrorism



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Dreher, T. 2007, 'News media responsibilities in reporting on terrorism', in A. Lynch, E. MacDonald & G. Williams (eds), Law and Liberty in the War on Terror, The Federation Press, Leichhardt, N.S.W. pp. 211


The detention of Dr Mohamed Haneef in July 2007 provided a litmus test, not only of Australia's counter-terrorism measures, but also of news reporting of the domestic front in the so-called 'war on terror'. While there was some evidence of diversity of opinions and of independent and investigative reporting the enormous volume of new coverage of the Haneef arrair, overall there remains considerable cause for concern. This chapter outlines the most significant critiqiues of news reporting of the case and indicates the action required of professional journalists and of concerned citizens in order to develop more responsible journalism in the area of national security.