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Dreher, T. & Ho, C. (ed.) 'Not another hijab row': new conversations on gender, race and religion. Trans/Forming Cultures: eJournal, vol. 2(1), 2007,


Headscarves in schools. Sexual violence in Indigenous communities. Muslim women at public swimming pools, Polygamy. Sharia law. Outspoken Imams on sexual assualt. Integration and respect for women. It seems that around the world in the media and public debate, women's issues are at the top of the agenda. Yet all too often, support for women's rights is proclaimed loudest by conservative politicians intent on policing communities and demonising Muslims during the 'war on terror'. This edition of the Transorming Cultures eJournal offers critical reflections on the contemporary politics of gender, race and religion, and provides a platorm for those perspectives which are too often sidelined in the debate, perspectives that seek to go beyond simplistic debates such as 'hijab: to ban or not to ban?' or "Muslim women: oppressed or liberated?'