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D'Arcens, L, Book Review - Kate Langdon Forhan, The Political Theory of Christine de Pizan, Parergon, 20(2), 2003, 189-191.


Christine de Pizan scholars are familiar with Kate Langdon Forhan’s many valuable contributions to the growing research into Christine’s political writings. In The Political Theory of Christine de Pizan Forhan seeks to bring Christine’s work to the attention of a new audience, political theorists, in order to ensure a place for her within the mainstream history of political theory. In so doing she continues the worthy task already underway in her translation of Christine’s Book of the Body Politic for Cambridge’s Texts in the History of Political Thought series, and her Medieval Political Theory reader, co-edited with Cary Nederman. In this latest book, Forhan’s separate insights coalesce into an overarching account of what she argues is a consistent, though evolving, political theory detectable throughout Christine’s writings.