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D'Arcens, L, 'Book review - Theresa Coletti: Mary Magdalene and the drama of saints: theater, gender, and religion in Late Medieval England', Journal of Religious History, 30(1), 2006, pp. 111-112.


Theresa Coletti’s Mary Magdalene and the Drama of Saints is a persuasively argued and rigorously researched study that examines the late medieval English career of medieval Christianity’s “other Mary.” Coletti argues for the significance of the figure of Mary Magdalene within traditions of medieval insular piety dating back to Bede, and more specifically within vernacular East Anglian culture of the fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries. Taking as her main focus the early sixteenthcentury Digby saint play Mary Magdalene, Coletti succeeds in demonstrating the many striking ways in which “late medieval East Anglia’s feminine religious culture and commitment to sacred drama coalesce in the figure of Mary Magdalene” (228).