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Yecies, B and Goldsmith, B, 'Cinematic hooks for Korean studies: using the ‘Apache’ framework for inspiring students about Korea in and through film', International Review of Korean Studies, 7(1), 2010, 47-72.


Developing awareness of and maintaining interest in Korea and Korean culture for non-language secondary and tertiary students continues to challenge educators in Australia. A lack of appropriate and accessible creative and cultural materials is a key factor contributing to this challenge. In light of changes made to ‘fair use’ guidelines for the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in the United States in July 2010, and in order to prepare for a time in the near future when Australian copyright regulations might follow suit, this article offers a framework for utilizing film and digital media contents in the classroom. Case studies of the short digital animation film Birthday Boy (2004) and the feature film The Divine Weapon (2008) are presented in order to illustrate new educational approaches to popular Korean films – the cinematic component of the ‘Korean Wave’ (Hanryu or Hallyu in Korean). It is hoped that this work-in-progress will enable teachers to inspire students with limited language skills to learn more about Korean popular culture, history, and tradition as well as media, politics, and genre studies in dynamic ways through the use of films as cultural texts in the classroom.

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