Sejong Park's 'Birthday Boy' and Korean-Australian Encounters



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Goldsmith, B and Yecies, B, Sejong Park's 'Birthday Boy' and Korean-Australian Encounters, in Simpson, C, Murawska, R & Lambert, A (eds), Diasporas of Australian cinema, Bristol, UK, Intellect Books, 2009, (pp. 159-168)


This chapter focuses on some of the flows of film work between Australia and South Korea, and some of the roles taken by Australians in the performance (and particularly the sound) of Koreanness in different film contexts. We will explore Korean-Australian collaboration on film, through case studies of Sejong Park's Oscar-nominated short animated film Birthday Boy (2004) and two Korean feature films Musa (2001, Kim Sung-su Kim) and Shadowless Sword (2005, Kim Young-jun Kim) for which Australian firms provided sound post-production services. We are interested in how these films instanciate and expand Korean, Australian, diasporic and transnational filmmaking.

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