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Yecies, B and Yecies, A, Hurray for Pusan and the Korean new wave!, Ejournal: Screening the Past, 14, 2002.


For nine days in November 2001 (9th-17th), the 6th Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) rocked the seaside city of Pusan. A record 659 industry guests from 30 countries, 3100 official Korean guests, and more than a hundred thousand moviegoers filled the seats of 332 completely sold-out, or near sell-out screenings in 15 different theatres. Thousands and thousands of curious festival fans filled the small streets and alleyways in the Downtown-Nampodong festival area, enjoying the stars, lights, cameras, and all of the promotional PIFF booths and kiosks. A total of 126,613 paid tickets were sold to 201 films from 60 countries, making the 6th PIFF the largest international film festival in Asia.