Cultural citizenship: a world historical perspective



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Melleuish, G. C. 2010, 'Cultural citizenship: a world historical perspective', in M. Leach, W. Ommundsen & A. Vandenberg (eds), Cultural Citizenship and the Challenges of Globalization, 1 edn, Hampton Press, New Jersey, USA. pp. 51


Cultural citizenship is a rather odd combination because it brings together two terms that generally exist in different spheres of human existence. Citizenship is a political term that defines the relationship between an individual and a particular type of state. S. E. Finer (1997,Vol. 1, p. 87), in his survey of government in world history argues that citizenship has only ever been part of the fabric of the political world in ancient Greece and Rome and in the modern world of liberal democracies. For Finer, citizenship is a feature of what he termed a forum polity, and such polities have been very rare. In every other form of polity, argued Finer, we are talking about 'subjects'.

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