In Ren Jia Country: negotiating cultural belonging in Diaspora



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Ommundsen, W. (2010). In Ren Jia Country: negotiating cultural belonging in Diaspora. In W. Ommundsen, M. Leach & A. Vandenberg (Eds.), Cultural Citizenship and the Challenges of Globalization (pp. 181-199). New Jersey, USA: Hampton Press.


This chapter examines some of the complexities of cultural, ethnic, and national belonging that confound the simple equation between culture and citizenship. The main focus is a case study conducted in 2000 and 2001 within the Chinese community in Australia. Without arguing that the findings are equally valid for all times, all diasporic populations, or within all national contexts, the study shows that they exemplary diversity of the Chinese-Australian community makes it an ideal site in which to examine the variables of cultural belonging.

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