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Castle, RG and Kelly, DJ, Internationalisation: A Whole-of-Institution Approach, in Carmichael, R (ed), Proceedings of the 3rd Australian Universities Quality Forum, AUQA, Melbourne, 2004, 99-102.


In this paper we first clarify and analyse notions of what internationalisation is and the ways in which it has become an important strategic goal for higher education institutions in Australia. In particular, this paper seeks to demonstrate the attributes of a whole-of-institution conception of internationalisation, which requires defining and analysing what is meant by whole-of-institution. This is followed by a discussion on the means of achieving a whole-of-institution approach, focusing in particular on the broad pressures on, and underlying potential of, tertiary education in Australia. The basis for, and nature of, the mechanisms and systems for assuring quality in each key area is then discussed. The University of Wollongong is used as a case study, examining key areas of policy framework and implementation systems, committee structures and primary areas of activity. This offers an opportunity to consider a single institution in light of the two essential elements of the whole-of-institution approach—embeddedness and quality assurance mechanisms