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Whelan, A. M. (2010). Free music and trash culture: The reconfiguration of musical value online. In K. Zemke & S. D.. Brunt (Eds.), 2009 IASPM Australia-New Zealand Conference: What's it worth?: 'value' and popular music (pp. 67-71). Dunedin, New Zealand: IASPM-ANZ.


Over the past few years, portable communication devices have transformed the ways many people around the planet interact and transfer knowledge. Released in 2007, Apple's iPhone is one such wireless device that combines in a single portable unit a mobile phone, touch-screen iPod, camera, and internet device. It has a 9cm diagonal widescreen multi-touch display, and is 11.55cm high, 6.21am wide, and 1.23cm deep. It weighs 135 grams. (Later models vary slightly.) Along with the iPod Touch (also released in 2007) and the iPad, which was launched in 2010, both of which have all the main functions of the iPhone except the phone and camera, the internet features of these devices can be used to download and run application software (apps) that increase their functionality and attractiveness to an increasing number of users (50 million iPhone and iPod Touch in 2009 - Apple Inc 2010). Now one of several devices utilizing technological convergence (compare, for example, the Blackberry and Nokia touchscreen phones, has dominated discourses on mobile technology and related media and continues to develop and rebrand itself in an increasingly competitive consumer and technologically dependent market.

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